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What’s new in blogging for 2018?

What’s new in blogging for 2018?

For many bloggers, more readers and more sales are on the top list of things that they want to do in 2018. Keeping up with the growing trends will not only bring more readers to your blog but will also bring in more traffic, bring more customers and earn more sales. If this is exactly what you are looking for, then read on as we give you some tips on optimizing your blog for better results.


Traditionally, blogging is a written medium, but these days people just love the video. A video is now everywhere and is dominating the online world.

According to Cisco, the video will take up to 80% of worldwide internet traffic by 2021, so if you don’t board this train, you will be left behind.

Expert Neil Patel says that creating a YouTube channel and directing viewers from there to your blog is a good way to boost traffic. Simply adding a GIF or video to your blog will make it less monotonous and more interactive and exciting for the viewer to read.


Having said that video is important for to drive traffic to your blog, we have to consider that most of these videos are watched on a mobile device, which means that the video that you are uploading is mobile friendly. It also means that your site needs to support videos that buffer at a high speed and has a mobile-friendly format. For this purpose, vertical videos are very useful and make it easier for the user to view and comment on the video.


Expert Neil Patel says that a person reads at least 5 pieces of content before they can start the buying process.

Therefore, the number of posts have to increase on your blog page, which means that if you are trying to sell from your blogs, it is important that you give your readers enough content to read about the product before they start investing in it. For doing this, you would have to think of topics in advance and set up a schedule for writing and publishing them.


Blog posts need to be longer, the reason being that longer posts tend to perform better in search results. More content you have on a particular product or service or anything in general, more possibilities of it showing up in the search results. Experts recommend a maximum blog post of 2,500 words


In earlier days, when smartphone cameras weren’t available, people used stock photos to decorate their blog, but nowadays, that is not the way it goes. If you are writing a blog to promote a particular product

It is important to keep up with what is trending, or you will have missed the bus. We need to keep coming up with more appealing ways for people to view blogs. You could become the next successful blogger if you are ready to take the steps necessary and move up along with the growing trends. Need a domain to start your own blog? End your search right here and visit Qualispace’s website for more information.


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