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Why Indian companies should host their websites on Indian servers?

Why Indian companies should host their websites on Indian servers?

If you are reading this, chances are, that you are serving as the CTO or an important decision maker of a company, for the decision of hosting your website and are still undecided with regards to the location of your servers. Web hosting is a perishable product, it is marketed aggressively keeping in mind the constraints of time.

Bandwidth is the cheapest in North America owing to the maximum internet and computer penetration. And America’s leadership on the technology front ensures that web hosting rates continue to stay at rock bottom levels for almost all kinds of hosting services.

So why should Indian companies be hosting their websites on Indian Servers? Here are some important reasons.


Latency is the number one reason why Indian companies do not bite the bait of low cost hosting in America as long-distance hosting is not a good thing.

The further your server is from where your users are, the slower the pages will render on your mobile or desktop screens as the servers must spend more time electronically in fetching pages hosted at a far-off location.

Even a latency of 180 milliseconds might frustrate your end users as it will trigger the worldwide wait factor and users want instant results for their search queries as they hate staring at blank screens. The fun of making quick online payments on e-commerce sites goes away due to slow loading of payment processing pages which can result in payment failure.


Support is another issue to consider when choosing a hosting provider, if by any chance something wrong happens to your server, you will want to immediately contact support of your hosting. In International hosting, there could be various factors like time zone issues, language barriers, getting the resource at the right time. Service support in the local language is easily understandable, and this is possible with Indian hosting services.

Maintenance Time

Every hosting system has maintenance time window, to ensure quality service every server runs maintenance time. Usually, this is done in the middle of the night, when visits are smaller so that the downtime does not impact the business. If the server is in India, one wouldn’t worry about it, but if it is based overseas, one has to be careful of different time zone, because you do not want a slow website when you have maximum visitors.

Search engine rankings

Your website’s search rankings go down if it has slow loading pages as search engines prefer portals with fast loading pages. Your business certainly cannot afford to lose on this count.

A cursory look at the arguments presented above will tell you that it hardly makes any sense to host your servers outside the country if your core audience is in India.

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