Good domain name acts as an identity shaper for you!


Owning a domain name is like owning a permanent address for your newly purchased residence. The sense of ownership is the most imperative significance of domain name. A domain name acts as an exclusive identity for you on the internet. It is the permanent address of your cyberspace. Registration of a domain name is like getting your own business card. A client makes a number of assumptions and estimation about you on reading your business card. On the first look itself your domain name discloses so much about you and your website.

Usage of the Internet for simple tasks, like sending or receiving email, has become an everyday activity for personal and professional purposes. For SMEs who want to present a professional image should not underestimate the importance of getting a good domain name. If as a company you are planning to create your presence online, getting a domain name is perhaps the initial point. It opens up so many options on the internet which can only follow once you have a domain registered under your name. Three of them are listed below:

Cost reduction:
A domain name for your business is an excellent way to reduce company overheads, particularly when you attach the domain name to a website. For example, you as a company can feature an electronic version of a catalog on your website, with no limit on size and you can rectify descriptive text, edit photo, product list, etc. without spending a lot on reprinting the whole catalog.

Brand building and awareness:
If you can have your name or company name included in your domain name it helps to strengthen your brand value. It augments the awareness of your brand. Due to a good domain name customers are aware of your brand and also do take care to remember it for future visits. Your brand name travels with them and gets transferred to other people whenever your customers talk about it to others.

Building up your trustworthiness among the customers:
Owning a domain name offers a professional touch to your business. Whenever a new visitor reaches your website, chances are that he is going to look at your domain name and make an opinion about your website. Your domain name gives him an impression of you being a well-known company. Thus, creating a feeling of trust for your brand name.

There is an immense amount of significance of having your own domain name. It helps in crafting your reputation. Not owning your own domain name gives an unprofessional appearance to your website. So owning one will help you create a name for your business in the market.

Abiwaqas Ansari
Abi Waqas is the backbone of technical support as well as system team at QualiSpace. His role is to handle all the crucial escalations, track consumer queries ensuring complete user satisfaction. He is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the technical stacks. Abi Waqas is a passionate technical wizard and loves to explore everything technology. Connect Abi Waqas on LinkedIn