Hammer the Spammer with SpamExperts!


Email Size Restriction

Allows to set a size limit, quarantine or reject incoming emails based on its size.


Advance tool to set incoming emails to safe list and reject list.

Spam Filtering

Filtering ensures your users and infrastructure are protected against spam threats and viruses.

Advanced Antivirus

Blocks both spam and its malicious attachments such as virus, malware, ransomware and spyware.

Log Search

Easily search accepted and rejected messages

Quarantine Mails

Web-based & IMAP based quarantine

PDF / HTML Reporting

Generate quarantine reports in PDF/HTML format

Delivery Queue

Automatically redelivers emails and queue them if primary mail server is down.

Extension Blocking

Restrict unwanted attached file extension from inbox.

Package Includes

Suitable with any mail server (Exchange, Zimbra, Postfix, Exim, qmail, Lotus)
Extensive API for integration & automation
Frequent product updates and upgrades
IPv6 support
Automatic user detection and LDAP support
Advanced filtering statistics and intelligence
Free domain and email aliasing
User and permission management

Benefits of SpamExperts

White knight for virus & malware attacks

  • Auto-detects new spam and virus outbreak.
  • Scalability and redundancy.
  • Lower churn rate, higher user satisfaction.

Boosts employee efficiency

  • Friendly multi-tier web interface
  • Reduced number of wasteful emails
  • Enhanced time management

Reduces infrastructure load

• Reduce load and bandwidth of your current email infrastructure
• Turn off your own spam filter and reduce the load on your server
• Increase the performance of shared resources

Smooth management

  • Automatically updates new definition and protection algorithms.
  • Fully managed service, freeing in-house IT resources.
  • Domain and User based.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpamExperts?

SpamExperts helps you keep your network safe from spam, virus attack, ransomware, malware and phishing activities as well as prevents it from infecting your network.

How does SpamExperts filter work?

Email is directed through SpamExperts smart self-taught servers enabled to identify and blocks spam before it cause any harm to your mails.

How accurate is the email filtering?

By processing millions of emails in a day, SpamExperts email filters deliver 100% accuracy.

Can I recover messages that get blocked?

Yes, you can recover messages that get blocked by using a comprehensive control panel enabled with log-search, quarantine, and many other tools. You can also check status of the emails that have passed through the system.

How long does it take for the setup?

Setup process is automated instantly and starts protecting your email in minutes.

Is there a control panel I can access?

Yes, you will get an advanced panel to manage SpamExperts.

How long are spam messages quarantined?

You can retrieve messages at any time within 28 days through the SpamExperts control panel.

Which addresses are not filtered?

abuse@ and postmaster@ are not subject to any filtering by default. You can override it if you want to.

Is there a log for all the email messages?

Yes, you can see detailed log of all the actions taken by SpamExperts. However, there may be a short delay in the log updating, if you want logs for a message that was sent minutes ago, you may have to give the log a little time to update before the information is available.